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Salt Lounge London


Salt Lounge

Offering 7 nights of live music – we are London’s newest and best rock bar. Every-goddamn-day of the week you’re guaranteed to be able to rock out to some of the best live music or some of the most original cover bands you won’t see anywhere else. We are constantly changing to elevate the atmosphere we provide, such as our brand new huge back stage and massive smoking patio!

MONDAYS AND TUESDAY/BOOZEDAY (NO COVER!EXCEPT WHEN THERE IS A COVER!/ $3.00 Domestic Drinks)Both local and out-of-town musicians blow the hell out of our poor, poor speakers. These nights are a launching pad for some up-and-comers. Basically this is where the rock stars of tomorrow are going to be earning their stripes. We offer these acts at no cost to you, because we believe that these acts should be seen, heard and supported!

WEDNESDAYS (NO COVER!EXCEPT WHEN THERE IS A COVER!/$2 Drinks) – This is your starting line to a action-packed King Street night of drinking and music! Tonight we offer $2 drinks as a warm-up for your night out.. Hang out with us as DJ Teenwolf spins your favourite old, new, new-wave and post punk tracks from his extensive collection. NEW TO WEDNESDAYS — LIVE ROCKSTAR KARAOKE!! Ever dreamed of being on stage with a full band… love karaoke… then chekc this out! Live band karaoke.. so much fun!!

THURSDAYS $2 COVER!UNLESS THE COVER IS MORE!($2 Drinks) – On Thursday night we blow the fucking roof off with renowned alternative dance DJ Supa Tony Fresh AKA The Amazing Meltingman. This is by far London’s best alt dance party! We pair Tony with high-caliber, high quality big names such as The Reason, The Architects, Machete Avenue, Latefallen, Oliver Black, Ruth’s Hat, The Soap Opera Coma, Shotgun Rules, Staylefish and Angry Agency (just to name a few!)

FRIDAYS ($2.50 Jagermeister shots!) – It’s finally the weekend so it’s time to party. This is where we trot out the big acts such as MuteMath, Propagandhi, Bryan Byrne, Ashes Of Soma, Bukkake Katholic and Silverstein. Bands like these rock our back stage while DJ Supa Tony Fresh spins the newest rock that you won’t hear anywhere else and some old faves you forgot you loved!

LADIES NIGHT SATURDAYS!($2 cover – LADIES ALWAYS FREE AND $2.50 Jagers!) – Alright, the weekend is in full effect so it’s time for the party to kick into high gear. The best alternative dance party in town is balanced out with some of Canada’s best rock and or roll bands playing in the back room.

XXX-RATED SUNDAYS ($3 Drinks/ Free Pool) – **WARNING: NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED!** With your host, Johnny North, you’ll be guided through a sexually explicit musical journey that will blow your mind, and offend each and every one of you. This is our only chill pub night so come get hammered with our staff! Fuck Rick Mcghie – this is the future of acoustic music!