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San Marcos High School San Diego

San Marcos High School

The goal of the San Marcos Unified School District (SMUSD) Facebook page is to share important information about the District with the public and encourage open and respectful dialogue with our community. We ask that everyone abide by the following guidelines:

Open conversation not personal issues. This page is not intended to circumvent regular communication channels for sharing personal issues and concerns. Comments regarding a personal issue with the District, a school or staff member will be removed.

Be respectful. Personal attacks or comments that are deemed offensive to any member of our community will not be tolerated. Inappropriate remarks and profanity will be removed.

Stay on topic. This is a page dedicated to the education of students in SMUSD. Comments are welcome so long as they directly relate to our District. Please be certain that your comments are appropriate for an educational environment and fans of all ages.

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