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Sapphire Lounge New York

Old-school lounge that’s like a party in your living room.

This large-studio-sized room with a bar at one end may be small, but its heart is big enough to accommodate one of New York’s more friendly party vibes. The decor favors minimalism over kitsch or swank, the only decoration being red velvet curtains around the walls and rotating artwork on the walls (like every other store/club/amorphous space these days, Sapphire considers itself a gallery, too). The Draw Downtown hipsters mingle with average joes at the tables, and a sweaty crowd somehow finds room in the middle to rub shoulders to the sounds of different DJs every night. It’s a popular spot for neighborhood stores and music industry folks to throw parties in, too. Sapphire’s DJ lineup balances eclecticism with crowd-pleasing populism–expect house, hip-hop, reggae, Latin, disco and more, sometimes within the space of a single set. First Kiss The crowded tables make meeting your neighbors easy, while the laid-back couches make it even easier. Best of

CitySearch 2000: Nominated for Best Small Club

Train: F & V to 2nd Avenue

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No Name Sapphire (5/8/2009) @ Sapphire Lounge
Sapphire Lounge, New York
No Name Sapphire (4/3/2009) @ Sapphire Lounge
Sapphire Lounge, New York