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Scottish Rite Event Center Los Angeles


Scottish Rite Event Center
Like most organizations, it is difficult to put into words the myriad of benefits available to members of the Long Beach Scottish Rite. The Rite is one of the few offering members the opportunity to receive all 29 degrees. We have a very active children’s clinic and have helped thousands of children from all walks of life have a better life. We offer a series of outstanding Travelogues every year plus our auxiliary organizations such as the Talons offer opportunities for fun and fellowship through various functions.

In short, with thousands of members and a full schedule of activities, the Rite offers a place for everyone and welcomes new members.

Our auditorium contains a large, fully equipped stage and as you can imagine, it gets a lot of use. Recently, one of our huge backdrop curtains tore across it’s top and required repair. A "work party" was formed and the repairs were accomplished.
Every month we publish a newsletter, "The Scottish Rite Reporter" under the able direction of Ben C. Ponder, 32° KCCH, Managing Editor. You can read an on-line version of the Reporter here.


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