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Brooklyn has a new “SECRET”, and not many know what it is. After investigating and inquiring; I found out what it is and can’t wait to share the secret with you, but, before I do, I must tell you how this “SECRET” was created.

First two visionary entrepreneurs, Ron and Mikey decided they wanted to explore some of their father’s passions—Real Estate and Construction development. Since these brothers are complimentary in nature, they had different aspirations; however, they did have similar expectations and common end results. Both wanted a restaurant and an audacious place of entertainment. They were determined that their place had to be unique. They knew they wanted to be located in Brooklyn, but they had no idea how difficult the journey would be.

The Leo brother, Ron, of course, saw big things, kingly details and thought big; and the Taurus brother, Mikey, looked at the details, the economics needed, and the most cost effective way to get the best results. As a team, they coordinated and combined their passions into one. The energy to create the “SECRET” is now a serious plan. They purchased a property, in a prime Crown Heights area—very accessible, and met some of the heaviest combat any soldier would ever encompass.

After the closing, they discovered many outstanding obstacles. But as men, who get energy from challenges, they started to tackle each one of them with their strong wills. First, they had to remove tons and tons of compressed garbage, “there was so much garbage I wanted to give up, I’ve never seen so much junk in my life,” said Ron. It was apparent that no one has attended to this debris or cared, for over a 5-decades. In NYC, removal of this much garbage requires lots of planning, permits, dumpsters, manpower and money. OK, this was one of the obstacles, but after removing 15 oversized dumpsters of debris, they discovered (7)-four-story humungous trees that needed to be cut down and removed. After doing all of that, the dream started to become more conceivable. The more they gutted, restructured and planned, the more the vision of their “SECRET,” became a reality. It took 4 ½ years, to create this dream and lots of money. They worked hard and tried to keep the faith throughout the process. “Thank God we have a loving and supportive family—MOM and DAD, cause without them, we would have given up on this dream a long time ago,” said Ron. It not only took the wives, brothers, aunts and uncles giving their support to make “SECRETS” happen, it also took creative financial management, to sustain the vision’s and not alter the aesthetic qualities we wanted to maintain.

0320These steadfast brothers found ways to get everything they wanted. They are truly blessed. When you experience The “SECRET,” you will agree.Now that they merged their innovative tastes of style, class, and quality toward their vision; with a manageable budget to complete their dream—“Secrets,” was ready for the final touches and the important personal details.

Lastly, the bathrooms had to have designer, unique fixtures and the best ceramic tile work. After they fully insulated the club, designed the under lit-glass bar, and created a ‘start of the art’ DJ’s booth. Mikey, was a former DJ with The Apache Sound Machine, of the 1980’s NY dance club era. He knows the club scene and the people; therefore, important details regarding the dance area and bar had to be in place. The floors not only had to be slick and smooth, but durable so that real dancers could dance. The earth-tone colors were also important to enhance the aura, and the seating area was purposely designed to be an inclusive-style ottoman seating, for comfort and mingling. The unique, warm lighting fixtures throughout the club were artistically designed from various Pratt Institute student-artists. The lights add warmth, to calm the heavy hearts, and stimulate the romantics.

Space, was a very important factor, so, these brothers had to find more space—the sky was the limit. As in Genesis, the brothers said, ‘let there be higher dimensions’, and so it was. They raised the ceiling levels and created heights that never existed before. Their dreams were so extensive, that they set aside a private VIP-area and a huge, outdoor-patio area, for those who like to dance under the stars. All of these details for us; to make our recreational time at “SECRETS”, more enjoyable.

So after all the hard work, creative financing and lots of love, “SECRETS”— was born, January 1, 2007. Brooklyn’s upscale hottest, exciting Restaurant, Bar and Lounge. Located right in the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, at: 724 Nostrand Avenue, (between Prospect Avenue and Park Place), Brooklyn, NY 11216.

The restaurant has two excellent Chefs. One Caribbean and the American, bringing the best of both worlds to “SECRETS.” Together they create some of the most awesome Caribbean and American dishes. The restaurant seating area is spacious enough to host dinner parties. Featuring glazed, designer, exposed-bricks, mahogany wood pillars, decorative glass booths and imported cherry-wood tables. The personable, warm, attentive service is reflective of the staff’s professionalism and “SECRET’S ambience, highlighted with authentic, natural bamboo décor. Catering services are also provided for your personal parties.

foodSome of the exotic dishes are: Blackened “Napoleon” Shrimp, and Voodoo wings, with that special ‘in-house’ sauce. These are only a few of the tasty satisfying–appetizers that hit the spot, when you are having a good time at–“SECRETS.” They are opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

Due to”SECRET’S” sophisticated, relaxing atmosphere, Customers are currently booking their Weddings, baby showers, retirement parties, anniversaries and special events. This is the place for an upscale birthday–private parties and record releases and band launchings. This audacious venue is a perfect setting for the Very Important People (VIPs), and those who deserve to be. The uniqueness of this place is not only the food, or the outdoor patio; but the combination of all the details. That is what makes “SECRETS” a place of elegance. Only JayZ’s” 4040 Club, or ‘Diddy’s Justin’s, can be compared.

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