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Section 3 Vancouver


Section ( 3 )

In 1994, Salli Pateman opened a 30-seat bistro called De Niro’s in a forgotten area of the city known as Yaletown. It was an abandoned industrial area, but Salli had a vision of creating a funky hideaway for locals where the food was simple, fresh, and delicious, the atmosphere was sexy and laidback, and the cocktails were shaken—not stirred. Her tiny hole-in-the-wall soon attracted a diverse and dynamic crowd, from struggling screenwriters and actors to celebrities and entrepreneurs. In 1999 Salli made headlines when Robert De Niro sued her for using his name under Section (3) of the BC Privacy Act.

Fast-forward to the present. Yaletown is now one of the hottest neighborhoods in Vancouver, and although Salli’s original bistro is now Section (3), a 150-seat mainstay of the urban restaurant scene, it still feels like home to the legion of regulars who continue to dine at her table. The old adage “locals know best” is still true today, and although Yaletown has changed dramatically, her simple philosophy of taking care of people has not.

In a world of copies, Section (3) is a true original. It’s obvious from the moment you step inside. Seek refuge in an authentic place where you can enjoy locally sourced menu items, an old-fashioned cocktail or a glass of wine, and relax and be yourself. You’re in Sal’s place, and she takes care of her friends.


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