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Senior Frogs Cancun


Senior Frogs: The original party place in Cancun. This club is world famous and once you visit it you’ll understand why. Take a ride down the slide and get a t-shirt or just kick back and have a cervesa or daiquiri in one of their souvenir ‘yard’ glasses. Senor Frogs is one of, if not the best clubs in Cancun. Every one was there to have a good time, and the waiters and waitresses were very accommodating. It’s a great atmosphere, with a lot of entertaining signs and murals posted on the walls–just for a laugh.
Coco Bongo: This club is the best that I’ve been to! It was huge, with flashy lighting and design. There is no doubt that anyone who went there would have an awesome time. The entertainment and music were great; people were extended from the ceiling doing rope dances, balloons and streemers would fall from the ceiling every so often, there were four of five levels to dance on….including the bar. Areas of seating for break periods.
If you’re ever in Cancun, this is the place to go on a Friday night
Carlos & Charlies: The main attraction in Cancun is the bars. From Carlos & Charlies to Senior Frogs you can’t go wrong. For the most part you pay anywhere from $10-$20 to enter the bar, however, your drinks are included in the entry fee. It is a wild scene there with bar dancing, lagoon slides out of the bars, and mechanical rotating seats to set in that last shot of Tequilla. There all located along the main strip so you can’t miss them.
Dress Code: Dress code, uh, or lack of dress code…I think just about anything goes at Senor Frogs