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Sense Dallas


Membership or referral is required for admission to Sense.

Sense encompasses 3,800 luxurious square feet and was designed to accommodate mature, sophisticated patrons who no longer find bars and nightclubs appealing, but who still wish to socialize and entertain after dinner. Boasting a truly opulent atmosphere, the interior of Sense features limestone wainscoting and mahogany trim, as well as travertine tile and marble bar tops. For creature comfort, Sense offers plush, u-shaped sofas and private, sheer-draped alcoves; each of the seven lounge areas are available for nightly reservations by members.

In addition to the best in wine and spirits, Sense offers a thoughtful and premium selection of protein-centered hors d’oeuvres by Chef Nick Badovinus; his “one bite explosions” arouse all the senses and can be ordered a la carte, or assembled into dynamic sushi-style platters, served on slabs of polished Italian marble.

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