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Sensu Indianapolis


Locally owned and operated, Sensu is managed by Epic Hospitality Group, a management company with a portfolio of restaurants including Mo’s… A Place for Steaks and Detour – An American Grille.

Sensu’s concept features an Asian-fusion menu with an impressive wine and sake selection, in addition to fabulous signature cocktails. Each item on the menu has been painstakingly envisioned and selected by the management team, and evaluated for its final inclusion. A Master Chef has been consulted for his expertise in the selection of each of the Asian inspired dishes, settling for nothing less than perfection in his critiques of each and every ingredient.

Focusing as much attention to detail on its hiring as it does its menu choices, this Indianapolis gourmet establishment called Sensu has recruited the hospitality industry’s top professionals in order to bring this city yet another outstanding venue with the same level of impeccable service and hospitality that Mo’s A Place for Steaks is famous for.

An exquisite menu and incomparable hospitality all set within an indulgently rich Asian-inspired atmosphere, the Indianapolis gourmet culinary landscape is due for Sensu to arrive… in its own style. Inspire. Indulge. Ignite.