Shark Club – Burnaby

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MONDAY Rickards Honey Brown Sleeves-$3.75 Pitchers-$13.75 Long Island Ice T's-$3.75 1 Pound of Wings-$4.99 TUESDAY OK Springs 1516 Sleeves-$3.75 Pitchers-$13.75 Sharkalinis-$4.25 WEDNESDAY - College Night Shaftebury Cream Ale-$3.25 Pitchers-$10.50 Hi-Balls-$3.25 Doubles add-$2 THURSDAY - Extreme Karaoke (Host DJ Johnny B) OK Springs Pale Ale Sleeves-$3.75 Pitchers-$13.75 House Martinis (2oz)-$5.25 FRIDAY-Foxy Fridays (W/DJ Johnny B) Canadian Sleeves-$3.75 Sex on the Sky Deck-$4.25 MGD Bottles-$4.25 SATURDAY-Live Band (W/DJ Ward) Rickards Red Sleeves-$3.75 Coronas-$4.25 Vodka Slimes-$4.25 SUNDAY-Industry Night Coors Light Sleeves-$3.25 Double Caesers-$5.25