Sherman Events Center

This magnificent structure was built in 1906 by the team of Harold W., Viggio, Albert T. and William J. Baerrensen, sons of a noted Danish ship and shipyard designer who established a successful architecture firm in Denver. Between 1884 and 1928, the Baerrensens designed and constructed many of the city's buildings. 1770 Sherman St. Event Complex is their most remarkable. It was the headquarters for Colorado's Shriners, the Thirty-third Degree Masons, who belong to the Ancient Arabic Order of the Mystic Shrine. A memorable inscription graces one of the ballrooms: "The Dream of the Architects --Baerrensen Brothers." Look for it as you explore your surroundings at the incredible complex. For more information on the historic building, please call 303-778-0916.

This building has been one of Denver's premier venues for nearly a century. Designed in 1906, it is considered to be the finest example of Moorish Revival architecture in the region. The Complex's beautiful Byzantine-themed ballroom, a theater with pitch perfect acoustics, and a collection of Arts and Crafts-styled meeting rooms make it one of the most original historic interiors in Denver. Until it's sale to the Eulipians theater company in 1995, it was operated as a facility open only to it's members, Access to its interior was highly limited.

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