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Shiru-Bay Vancouver

Shiru-Bay Chopstick Café is here to give Vancouver a taste of what a true izakaya can be—a comfortable getaway where great food, drink, ambiance and people come together. Since we opened in June 2004, we’ve been providing an appetizing cure for even the most jaded palates in town.

Established favorites such as our juicy, spicy ebi-chili-mayo prawns, succulent asparagus gyoza, and Dungeness crab sushi drizzled with mango coulis are just starting points on the menu. Seafood is naturally a mainstay, but we’ve got range, too: meat dishes, salads, rice-based offerings, noodles and more. Kurobuta pork ribs braised in a maple cinnamon reduction with roasted Fuji apples are one popular option; mixed greens with tofu, mountain vegetables and toasted seaweed with Japanese plum vinaigrette represent another. The desserts, including choices like natto ice cream and yuzu sorbet, are just as intriguing. We offer daily and seasonal specials as well.

Our premium sake list runs from junmai to dai ginjo, the highest quality brew available. To make selecting your sake easier, we describe each offering and suggest pairings with various dishes on the menu. We also serve wine, mixed drinks and beers.Shiru-Bay’s spacious patio is heated year-round, and we have several tables open for reservations, a communal table for single diners and large parties, and ample seating at the bar. Reservations are highly recommended.

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