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The Showbox at the Market Seattle

Seattle’s beautiful art-deco gem now known as Showbox at the Market is one of the town’s very few extant entertainment venues that can lay claim to having provided local music fans such an astonishing breadth of music over the decades. From the Jazz Age to the Grunge Era, the storied ballroom has featured shows by touring icons such as Duke Ellington, Muddy Waters and the Ramones — as well as those by homegrown talents ranging from burlesque queen Gypsy Rose Lee to grunge gods Pearl Jam. Presenting more than 200 concerts per year to a diverse group of Seattle music lovers.

Over the course of its history, Showbox at the Market has hosted acts ranging from Al Jolson, Mae West, Gypsy Rose Lee, Jimmy Durante and Dizzy Gillespie to The Police, X, Blondie, Gang of Four, Iggy Pop, Devo and Dead Kennedys. More recent performers included in Showbox at the Market’s unique and varied roster include Snoop Dogg, Dave Matthews, Kanye West, Robin Williams, Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie, Public Enemy, PJ Harvey and countless others. Clearly the spot for the music enthusiast, come to show box is you want to discover the next big thing, or dance and shake to some of the best music in the scene right now! Hosting a variety of VIP performers and guests, the showbox was built to entertain and rock your socks off! Dress to impress at a chic jazz performance or don’t give a F*** and dance, drink, and party like crazy!

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Chance The Rapper (12/15/2013) @ Showbox
The Showbox at the Market, Seattle
Hells Belles and HalloQueen (10/31/2013) @ Showbox
The Showbox at the Market, Seattle