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Side Bar New York

Side Bar

# Boldly anchored into the corner of 15th Street & Irving, SideBar introduces an urbane sensation. In the vanguard of style, SideBar mingles the ideas of elegance and debonair to fashion a truly unique scene. Adorned with whittled woodwork, SideBar is illuminated by stately chandeliers, flickering candles and 7 HD Flat Screen Televisions, creating an unrivaled mélange.

# SideBar offers two private party rooms that share a total of 7 HD Flat Screen TVs, 2 HD Projection Screens and a state of the art sound system, ideal for the avid sports fan who enjoys viewing in style or those who wish to take advantage of the AV capabilities for personal or corporate presentations. Party rooms are also available for the patrons that desire to cozy up in a private booth and enjoy the nightly atmosphere, devoid of all digital illumination.

# SideBar serves as both an upscale sports bar and a comfortable lounge, contingent upon the occasion. Open daily for lunch and dinner, Sidebar offers an American Cuisine Menu of sophistication and an elaborate Seasonal Sangria and Specialty Drink Menu to choose from. Its panoramic windows frame the comfortable quintessence of SideBar from the outside and open up into the streets of Gramercy while within.

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