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Side Track Cafe Edmonton


The Sidetrack café was established in 1981 and is designed in the style of a bustling C.P.R. railway station. There has always been a great demand for live entertainment.

The Sidetrack was incorporated as both a dining room and a live music venue, featuring bands from across Canada and around the world. We have been proudly voted “Best Live Venue” 8 years running!

In December 1991, after 102 years of riding the rails, the Cowley Car was a welcome addition to the Sidetrack. It was built by Pullman Works in Chicago, Illinois in 1889. Its 74 tons of steel, brass, brocade and mahogany made it the corporate Lear jet of the railway era.

Live music, great atmosphere, and fabulous food combine to make the Sidetrack an ideal venue for your dining and entertainment pleasure!