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SIN Las Vegas



Sub-named “Sexy Intimate Nightlife,” Sin is the latest mega-strip club to follow the “bigger is better” credo of most newer Vegas gentlemen’s clubs. Housed in a 40,000-square-foot building, Sin features an 18,000-square-foot topless nightclub with three stages, VIP room, a full bar and hundreds of exotic dancers.

Attached to Sin is its very own 3,500-square foot sports bar with three pool tables. The sports bar features eight big-screen TVs. Now open is the Sin Boutique (featuring adult videos, books, sex toys) and a Museum of Erotica. Who says a trip to the nudie bar can’t be educational?

You will find some other unique innovations connected with Sin. First, the club is uncommonly well lit for a strip club, providing patrons a better view of the exquisite ladies. Unbelievably, the brighter light works well in this venue, mixing with the red tones to give the club a very warm feel. The music is actually good, featuring a clever mix of hip-hop, house and rock. It flows so well, you might forget that you’re in a strip club.

The ladies are fantastically gorgeous and of great variety, just as the good Lord intended. And they are quite friendly and plentiful in number. You won’t have any complaints in the dancer department!

Still, Sin isn’t without its kinks. While lovely on all fronts, does seem a bit too airy. A few more tipping stages could even out the club more, since the center stage is a little too far from the crowd.

Overall, Sin has a lot to offer, both in quantity and quality. The rookie club has great potential, and we can’t wait to see what else lies in store as it matures. In the meantime, this is definitely a great place to enjoy some Sin.

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