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Siren Studios Los Angeles

Siren Studios
Old Hollywood Values Meets new Hollywood Style Launched only 3 years ago in late 2006, Siren was Created to meet the Growing demand of west coast stills photography. Historically based in the East coast, the still photography market has been moving West in recent years thanks to the increasing number of celebrities advertising products and services as well as the growth of celebrity associated Reality TV Shows.This has in turn led many of the industry’s top photographers, designers, producers and hair & makeup artists to migrate west in order to be at the center of the business.

Los Angeles has always been recognized as the center of the Film, TV and Entertainment world but thanks to the emergence of several leading TV, Film. Video Game & Production Companies, the Hollywood brand name is fast becoming synonymous with the cultural entity that is Los Angeles. And Siren Studios is literally at the heart of this, not only thanks to its location on the iconic Sunset Boulevard but also thanks to the incredible team behind the business who bring a combined 40 years experience in business development, studio management, hospitality, advertising, music and event production. Siren Studios currently offers 30,000 square feet of unique studio space for a variety of shoots from editorial, catalogues, TV Spots, print & billboard campaigns to album covers, music videos and special events. Our Siren Studios Rental Group, based just five minutes from the Sunset address and operation deliveries & pick-ups at any time day or night, supports all this. The warehouse also services a huge number of location shoots including magazines, commercials and television network shows.

In August 2009, Siren saw the first stage of its expansion realized with the opening of Siren@Orange. This 6500 Sq Ft fully sound proofed studio has been designed to perfectly fulfill the needs of our clientele.The studio features state of the art hair, make-up and wardrobe areas, a top of the line sound system, dining and lounge facilities and VIP Rooms.

In July 2010, less then twelve months later, Siren studios launched its newest facility:Siren Tower @ Sunset. This four-level 20,000 Sq Ft boutique studio, located directly next door to the existing Sunset Blvd space, showcases innovative design, cutting edge technology and top of the range production facilities. The ground floor is a valet-attended private loading and parking level ensuring privacy for clients and an easy and speedy unload for production crews. The three unique studio spaces range from 3000 Sq Ft to 6000 Sq Ft and each feature Vector Foiltec’s Texlon windows. These giant opaque bubbles are 100% recyclable, energy-efficient and cannot be found in any other studio on the West coast. These seamless windows stretch 60ft by 15ft
and guarantee you the best natural light in Los Angeles. Each studio floor features hair and make-up and wardrobe rooms, private restrooms, a VIP lounge and additional support space for art department, production or catering. The top floor boasts a 2000 Sq Ft roof deck with unrestricted view of the Hollywood sign and other lcoal landmarks.

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