Sixty9 Bathurst

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Sixty9 Bathurst  (previously known as State Theatre) is an environment and venue that to fills the entertainment void in Toronto. The sensibility of old cultures meld with current trends to create a venue that is unique in design and unrivalled in the execution of the entertainment experience. State Theatre ornate, deep and rich in color and texture. Featuring tufted banquettes, sweeping velvet curtains, dramatic down lighting with soft, subtle low level lighting evoking a sense of grandeur, sexiness and intrigue. Color palette: Dark purples, Grays and Blacks. State is multi-level with an empahis on the event. Numerous V.I.P areas so everyone feels like they have an intimate corner. Three jumbo screens with live closed circuit transmissions or looped broadcast art Staging, lighting and P.A. equipment available for live performances.