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Skye Lounge Washington DC


Skye Lounge is located just footsteps away from the World Bank and only two blocks from the White House. It is a convenient stop for a DC tourist and an exciting destination point for locals. Only a ½ block from the Farragut West metro (Orange line): simply exit on the 18th Street side and walk to the corner of 19th Street and I Street.

Skye Lounge features five independently run plasma TVs, 20-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, and plush leather couches that line the perimeter of the venue with elevated, bench-like seating. The seating is ideal for plasma viewing or late night bottle service. There are five tables that host between five to eight guests, one corner table that hosts 10 to 12, and an elevated VIP area that can accommodate twenty guests. This area has its own plasma, which is perfect for private birthday slideshows or game-time.

If the warm weather lures you outdoors, feel free to escape to our 550-square-foot, canopy-protected outdoor patio. The patio boasts an outdoor bar that is sure to turn heads. Skye Lounge is one of the only venues in the District with full outdoor bottle service. Two twin daybeds that line the patio convert the evening outdoor setting into a “south beach oasis.”
Skye Lounge is also home to the only “ice-rail” in the city. Our circular bar hosts a sheet of ice where patrons can place their drink, keeping the beverage cold during their stay.