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Smuggle-Inn Las Vegas


Smuggle is a collection of aficionados(not necessarily dedicated to the same thing) who are passionate about whatever they’re passionate about.They include cab drivers, casino workers(mostly dealers),sou chefs, wine sommeliers, and the guy who, along with his father, invented the system which allowed Mary Martin to cavort above the stage in Peter Pan. Past entertainers who availed themselves of “high wire ballet” included George Reeves(Superman). Before I committed to writing this review, I browsed the descriptions of bars available to consider. “Dive bar”(where the pours are stiff and the stiffs are poor) is unequivocally the call to arms of The Smuggle. The smugglistas are an older, but resolutely “george”(generous) crowd. If your idea of generous is an exuberant “THANKS, MAN!” whenever the barman sets a tall, cool one in front of you, then Champagne’s  might be a better fit. They’re not asking you to liquidate Johnny’s freshman year at UNLV Fund.Just make a good faith(30%) effort. Once you understand the Ground Rules, evathang is evathang. “Generosity” is also applicable to the sensuality of the female smugglistas, who have probably been looking forward to D-Day since the mid morning coffee break. Wink and
a nod to all you playas.

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