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Snatch Rock n Roll Lounge Calgary


Snatch Rock n Roll Lounge


Located just minutes from Downtown Calgary on MacLeod Trail South, Snatch Rock n’ Roll Lounge holds the promise of injecting something genuinely fresh into the Calgary Nightlife scene; pure, high-quality, hard-driving entertainment. Inspired by decades of Niteclub revelry and excess, Snatch Rock n’ Roll Lounge’s eclectic environment and innovative concept is a tribute to all things that make a truly memorable party experience.

Calgary’s socialites must check their attitude at the door as they intermingle with hip club goers in this neighborhood rock-and-roll bar meets Vegas glam nightspot. An upscale yet unpretentious good-time hangout for locals, out-of-towners and industry insiders alike. Snatch Rock n’ Roll Lounge may be new on the block but with its sexually-charged atmosphere, uninhibited vibe and engaging staff, it is primed to quickly become a city-wide favorite.

The uninhibited masses (22-45) are aroused by a unique soundtrack consisting of rock, top 40 “Mash-Ups” as well as country & club classics. Model-like bartenders/entertainers lead the crowds into dancing frenzies (where any space is free game) and fuel the “hedonistic free-for-all” climate. Seductively designed by Pop Design Group Inc. (Metropolitan Grill Mount Royal and the new Tommy Burger Bar), Snatch Rock n’ Roll Lounge stimulates the senses from every angle. Julie Okamura and her team have tactfully fashioned a multi-level space offering a haven for exhibitionists and voyeurs alike. Raised lounging areas provide comfortable perches from which to view the organized chaos below. Elegant chandeliers and sparkling dance lights give the room a luxurious blush. Rock, country, graffiti and grunge elements balance out the setting. Velvet drapes flow through the space while reptile and animal motifs jacket low-rise sofas giving a more laid-back approach to the decadence. Sparkle and Glam meet Dirty and Edgy.

Snatch Rock n’ Roll Lounge is a collaborative effort of a newly formed investment group comprised of local businessmen and includes partners from Las Vegas and Vancouver. This new ‘Big City’ concept is spearheaded by long-time club owner/restaurateur/entrepreneur Trevor Tomanik and will be managed by operating partner, Travis Talbot who has just recently relocated back to his hometown after stints in Vancouver, Miami, and Boston.

Snatch Rock n Roll Lounge’s carefree style and rockstar-chic attitude seduce even the most reserved into living out their nightlife fantasies.


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Snatch Rock n Roll Lounge, Calgary
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Snatch Rock n Roll Lounge, Calgary