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Sofitel Miami


A Sold-Out Event 8 Years in a Row

Envision yourself in the American Riviera of the United States, sizzling hot Miami. You’re dressed to impress and there are amazing people all around you.

You enter a stunning ballroom shimmering with lights and vibrant décor. The atmosphere in unlike any party you’ve ever been to. The music and lights flow through you like a thunderbolt and your body can’t help but move to the rhythm of the DJ and drummers’ beat.

The party is live and everyone around you is in a state of bliss. The exotic dancers shake their sexy bodies to a drummer’s beat. You take a seat to catch your breath and sip a cocktail from our open bar. You stop to think, you can’t believe at midnight it will be a new year. You raise your champagne glass for the count down 3…2…1…Happy New Year! Balloons fall from the sky. The crowd is euphoric and overwhelmed and you’re having the time of your life.

You step outside the ballroom and see the picturesque Miami skyline lighting up the tranquil waters. You’re amazed, delighted and elated. You can’t believe you’re having one of the best New Year’s of your life. The vibe and energy is unlike anything you have ever imagined.

Welcome to Buena Gente’s 9th Annual New Year’s Bash. There is a reason why we’re going on Sold-Out 9h year–it’s not just a party it’s an experience.

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