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Solare Ristorante Lounge San Diego


Sister restaurant of Caffe’ Bella Italia in Pacific Beach, SOLARE is a sensational Restaurant Lounge at Liberty Station.
The setting, service, décor and ambiance in this historic Liberty Station location is like no other. With an Asian aesthetic and a mastery of contemporary gourmet Italian cuisine. The result is a showplace of style and taste sensations.

Chef-owner Stefano Ceresoli hails from Milan, while the addition to the family is executive chef Mark Pelliccia, specialized in Slow Food. SOLARE takes its cue from its location by the water and the yoga spirit of its owners. A blending of Mediterranean culture and cuisine with Asian materials, combined with a strong connection to the earth, makes a trip to SOLARE a total ‘infusion for the senses.’

A beautiful, attention-grabbing interior creates the perfect ambiance for a cocktail in the lounge, tapas at the bar or a full dinner experience. A visible Grill Bar offers fresh seafood and a focus on hormone free meat, carpaccios and oysters, in the season, in addition to the contemporary gourmet Italian cuisine.

The glass wine room is the focal point of the restaurant which features an excellent wine selection to emphasize the flavor of the food. The glass wine room is perfect for a romantic dining experience. Fired stone oven gourmet pizzas, with Italian-style thin crust is another reason to visit SOLARE. A private room up to 24 people is perfect for a corporate or private gatherings. The outdoor seating spotlights the historic architecture of the former Navy Base.

We believe in the use of local, fresh, organic produce; natural meat; and wild seafood. Each dish is prepared from scratch, with love and passion to satisfy our customer’s heart and soul. SOLARE is proud to be a “Green Restaurant.”

SOLARE is part of the NTC Foundation which supports non-profit organizations to reach out in our community.

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