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Sonar Baltimore

Sonar has 3 rooms in the venue, which are run either together or separately depending on the night and the event. The MAIN STAGE room holds over one thousand people, and that is where we would tend to do any of the major live shows and special events. The CLUB holds over 300 with an open dance floor, and the LOUNGE holds 150 with a mellower vibe, leather couches, pool table, and a fully stocked top shelf bar. Familiarizing yourself with how we bill our events will let you know what to expect out of each night.

We enforce a policy we call the Sonar code. It basically means that we insist that our place be a place where all are welcome, regardless of race, age, sex, sexual preference, income, etc… We will immediately remove anyone who is making another patron feel unwelcome, but it goes further than that. We do not tolerate obnoxious sexual advances, which means if you hit on someone and they say no, you better let it go. We also do not tolerate overly boisterous behavior, any activity which causes our security to pay too much attention to one person, and we frown upon the use of profanity in a way that annoys other patrons. Basically, be cool, and you’ll be fine, act like a jerk, and you’ll find yourself in the parking lot!

Sonar does not have any dress codes, so feel free to be yourself, however conservative or freaky that might be. We do reserve the right to insure the ease of which we can see our wristbands or handstamps, which could mean the removal of any excessive jewelry, gloves, etc…

We do not allow backpacks or large bags of any kind, and naturally, no outside liquor, drinks, or anything which could be construed as a weapon is allowed in the building.

Thanks for patronizing our joint.