United States: 323.604.6030

SONAR Fort Lauderdale

From it’s retro-futuristic decor and ideal space in downtown Hollywood, Sonar provides a music program specializing in deeply soulful house music as well as other electronic musics.

Sonar is a haven for mature individuals seeking intelligent nightlife with neither the hassles of large clubs nor the elitism of upscale lounges with too many VIP rooms. Once you are in Sonar there will be no more ropes, checkpoints or rules. Security’s goal is to compliment the experience, not hinder it.

Sonar has set a new level in South Florida’s nightlife by going back to basics: the best DJs on the planet, a strong door, impeccable service, stunning decor and lighting and a sound system that will blow the most fastidious audiophile’s socks off.

The goal at Sonar is the careful selection of all the right ingredients and characters that combine to make an ecclectic crowd mix. There is a current trend towards smaller venues because of the greater intimacy they offer. When individuals pass the age of 25 or so they can get tired of hte herd mentality. They want to go somewhere they can have a conversation and be heard, not herded. Sonar is that happy medium – a bit glam, a bit chic, yet still underground and vibrant and music driven.

The venue serves as a great gallery space for up and coming local artists and fashion designers. Sonar’s decor is ideal for product launches. The conveniently placed domes on both sides ofthe venue can be used as advertising.