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Sound Bar Orlando

Wel­come to Sound Bar, an incred­i­bly inti­mate pur­pose built venue that puts music before any­thing. Sound Bar was con­ceived to appease the most dis­cern­ing music enthu­si­ast with a focus on bring­ing what’s next as opposed to what is, or what once was.

Sound Bar has a speakeasy feel, with a loca­tion to match, slightly off the beaten path, past the chain link fence at the end of the park­ing lot between 18 & 36 W. Pine Street, per­fectly tucked away in the heart of Down­town Orlando. Our 150 per­son capac­ity, by the DJ for the DJ feel and well appointed, expertly tuned EAW Avalon Series sound sys­tem make for an envi­ron­ment where get­ting up close and per­sonal with the music is not an option.