Speakeasy is composed of three levels including the Main, Mezzanine and the Rooftop Terrace. Most comprised of stunning hardwood finishes and a roaring 20's vibe. The Main is where guest can listen to local Austin bands jam live on a nightly basis at 9:30pm. Enjoy a comfortable yet classy atmosphere at one of our candlelit tables or dance the night away on the dance floor right in front of the live band of the evening

The Mezzanine offers a lounge setting with antique couches, bar, pool table and television - all over looking the dance floor.

Terrace59 is one, if not the, most famous outdoor spot in Austin to take in the romantic view of downtown. With lit palm trees, full service bar and hip music it is a chic and elegant way to spend an evening or host a private event. The newly added cover lends the opportunity to spend an evening with us rain or shine.

Thanks for choosing us, enjoy your evening at Austin's original "swanky joint."

Speakeasy History

During Prohibition, the bootlegging business was so immense that customers could easily obtain alcohol by simply walking down almost any street. Illegal "Speakeasies" replaced the saloons that were quickly shut down. Secretly operating in places as basements, office buildings and abandon buildings, alley way entrances were used to let patrons in. Though you needed to whisper the pass word of the night, knock three times or have a membership card to gain access. An owl behind the bar meant it was the place to be. (Look above our bar!).

Speakeasy Fact

Speakeasy is registered as part of the Haunted Austin Tour. On July 26, 1916, the building burned to the ground killing a fireman and two women who were trapped in the now antique elevator that is suspended above the main stage. Several people have claimed to see the woman's apparition in the elevator; as well as screams, slamming doors and footsteps running up and down the 59 step stair case to Terrace59. 

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