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Spider Club Los Angeles


Exalted Comfort Level, Unique Amenities and Bold Entertainment for Sophisticated Nightspot

Expanding on extant Spanish-Moroccan architecture, Spider Club has been designed as if it were an expatriate hipster’s late ’60s/early ’70s retreat–comfortable, sexy, earthy and inviting. Many of the fixtures, from lamps and rugs to tiles and furniture, were imported from around the world, as if collected by the fictional resident during his travels. In that way, Spider Club combines traditional Hollywood glamour and ’60s exotica with a contemporary outlook.

The Moroccan-designed Spider Club has a capacity of 300 people. The dimly lit room has an elegant ambiance. You can lounge on the lavish seating, lie on the bed, or dance on the dance floor. The Spider Club is equipped with a full in-house dj booth, turntables and a sound system.


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