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Spike at Mockingbird Station Dallas


Innovative skewered snacks and bold specialty drinks keep this chic Mockingbird Station bar popular.

The Scene
Tucked into a tiny wedge of the pedestrian-friendly Mockingbird Station sits Spike (after dark, look for its illuminated blue sign). Depending on the time of day, customers enter through one of two doors–a typical storefront glass for lunchtime hours, a heavier alternative at night. The small L-shaped location separates the bar area from dining tables, allowing hungry customers breathing room from the mingling singles crowd. Patio tables scattered out front provide comfortable seating alternatives.

The Draw
Mockingbird Station, with the Angelika Theater and surrounding stylish shops, draws in customers who often end up at this bar. The clever menu of easy-to-eat, skewered foods, as well as pizza and various tapas, satiates both the pre- and post-movie crowds, as well as weary shoppers needing energy. Even those dining at neighboring restaurants stop by for the strong specialty martinis, mojitos and South American-inspired caiproskas that keep the young, hip and trendy crowds going.

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