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Sports City Grill and Sky Lounge Phoenix


The success of Sports City Grill and Sky Lounge is best explained in a simple equation: “Something for everyone.” The restaurant, sports bar, lounge, and nightclub offer ample opportunities for enjoyment that are created and cultivated by eclecticisms otherwise non-existent. A combination of savory menu items, character-inspiring décor, and mixtures of new trends with unforgettable classics inspires, maintains, and emanates the biggest pulse in the heart of downtown.

The games have begun and the competition is fierce. Afterwards, whether the city is celebrating a landslide victory or lamenting an overtime defeat, Sports City Grill and Sky Lounge will be here to take your night to the next level. The nightclub boasts two floors of entertainment, including live music, international DJ’s, and a wide selection of bourbons, scotches, and martinis. Late night lovers can dance with the stars under our retractable roof, get cozy at a candle lit table, or saunter between floors letting their senses flood them with the most diverse sounds of the city.

Sports City Grill and Sky Lounge maintains the look of the building in its originality, which was built in the very beginnings of the city itself. The brick-laden walls on both floors reflect the original look of the city in its earliest years. Carefully selected lighting schemes, plasma screen televisions, and the works of local artists create a more modern touch while demonstrating support and pride in the fruits of the city itself.

Our concept has been carefully fulfilled on every level of design. Style, cuisine, and attitudes have been shaped with considerate analysis of our surroundings. In catering and appealing to the diversity of Phoenix, we have nonetheless embraced it.