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Sports Resort Houston


Sports Resort is one of the best Sports Bar/ Nightclubs that Houston has to offer. Located in Southwest Houston, firmly established in the Meadows Place/ Stafford/ Missouri City area, there is no other venue that rivals the true essence of this establishment.

Boasting 2 clubs in one, club goers can indulge in Sports Resort and the Piano Bar. Sports Resort is home to it’s Texas Hold ‘Em Poker tournaments on Thursdays, wild Friday Night Parties, and a we all know it’s whatever goes on Saturdays.

The Piano Bar is a another club inside this establishment which hosts various talent showcases, Comedy shows, and other industry parties. The Piano Bar will also be the home to Black Flame Entertainment on May 27, 2006 @ 9pm for their infamously awaited launching party:
“Fire and Brimstone” Vol. 1

Great Food, Great Music, Great Girls, Great Drink Specials…

“If you’re looking for something new look for us.”

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