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Spot Lounge DC Washington DC

Spot Lounge DC

So Spot Lounge is so new I did not even know it existed.  I actually went there because a guy that lives in my building is the owner.  Spot is located where Andalu used to be which I only went to once or twice.  All I remember about Andalu was that it felt similar to a dungeon.  Well Spot lounge changed this.
This is a tough spot for this type of club with so much competition from Fly Lounge , Midtown, and Current all in its close proximity. It seems to be doing very well. It has a lot less door politics than the other clubs in the area and the bouncer was very friendly. At Spot the crowd was pretty nice, they were dressed well, and the music was good.

The decor of Spot was pretty on point.  Spot Lounge DC made me forget about the dungeon that used to be Andalu and focus on the bright blueness of Spot.    I really like the blue lights (my favorite color) I think it makes people look better too. I liked  music when I first entered because it was house and trance then it slowly went more top 40 which I really don’t like but I know everyone else does.

I think Spot Lounge has a great chance in this area of DC as it provides some differences but a similar vibe.   Its new lively and has a different crowd.  I also noticed I did not see anyone I recognized here. This is unusual for me as I go out a lot.  The drinks were reasonably priced for the area at about 9 dollars.  The bartenders were nice looking and quick to serve.  I also felt like the club made me want to have fun.  Not something I can really describe I just felt like I meshed with the people there. I welcome Spot Lounge to DC and the golden triangle and look forward to seeing it flourish.

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