With 5,000-square-feet Sputnik is a laid back and roomy lounge. Opening at noon every day the main floor offers a wide selection of fresh teas, coffees, smoothies and cheap eats along with a tiny library, stocked with Kant, Chomsky and the like. Various DJs spin at night, converting the space into a chill-out space age lounge.

The basement boasts mod furniture inspired by the style that was considered space-age when Sputnik was launched in 1957. In addition, the basement offers an art gallery space which hosts shows from local artists, and a mid-sized stage featuring a broad spectrum of live music. Along with two projectors the visulas provide for a very interesting day and night crowd.
For more information and events please visit www.barsputnik.com

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Afrokinetic- Brooklyn Bridges (3/10/2007) @ SPUTNIK
SPUTNIK, Fort Greene
Afrokinetic- Brooklyn Bridges (2/24/2007) @ SPUTNIK
SPUTNIK, Fort Greene