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SRB New York

SRB- Soul, Rhythm & Blues took off in the 60’s while I was growing up in New York. Every kid was listening and boogying to the music from Motown and Stax as the songs hit the top 40 on the radio stations across America. Over time the boundaries between Soul, Pop, Rock, Rhythm & Blues, Electronica and Indie music have blurred. My childhood served as the inspiration to create SRB Brooklyn, a live music /dance venue bringing back the flavor of the clubs from the 60’s and 70’s. We are a 5000 square foot venue with 20’ high ceilings. We have two VIP sections, one of which is a mezzanine surrounding the stage. There are two fully equipped bars with a full liquor/beer selection along with bottle service. We have a state of the art sound system built for a venue twice the size. When you are on the floor of the club listening to live music or a DJ the sound is crystal clear. Whatever genre you prefer, we’ve built SRB so everyone can truly feel the music and have a great time.

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