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Star Room New York


Star Room

It’s called the Star Room for a reason

For two years the Star Room has been packed with more A-list Celebs than a Golden Globes After-Party. Every one of your favorite Celebrity Gossip Mags probably features photos from last weekend at the Star Room. The food is delicious and decadent and will without a doubt spoil the Hampton’s Diet you’ve been grueling yourself through since March.

The downside of the magical club?- An ultra strict door policy makes reservations are a must and even then you’ll be lucky to step foot in the door. Three different promoters work the Star Romm, so expect to repeat your name to at least twelve different bouncers. Our advice?- In addition to the reservation, it’s best to get your name on at least one guest list and bring plenty of cash in large denominations.

At the Star Room the door reserves the right to be selective at all times, so look your finest and please dress to impress.

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