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StarBar Atlanta


The BEST DAMN BAR in Atlanta!

Passed into the hands of The Keeper Brothers (The Plumbers formerly known as Dave and Marty) in lieu of payment, the Star Bar has been one of the mainstays of late night Little 5 Points since 1991. It’s gone through its evolutions as has the community. Two years ago the bar passed into the hands of three fixtures, Jim Stacy, Dave Parker and Gary Yoxen. They’ve stayed true to the idea of giving great musicians and entertainers a stage and a drunken crowd to please.

Upgrades have been made to the sound system and more space created for the audience and bands but make no mistake, this is the one and only Star Bar. PBR is still $2 and you can still have conversations with people named “Cletis”. Grab your friends and come out for a night of fun sights, great sounds and very reasonablly priced libations.

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