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STeaK Modern STeaKhouse & Lounge Ottawa


STeaK Modern STeaKhouse & Lounge

We are STeaK, A Modern Steakhouse & Lounge
 What is a Modern Steakhouse you may ask?

A Modern Steakhouse is a sexy environment that has done away with the stuffiness and formalities of the ‘older’ more traditional rooms… Here you won’t find table-clothes & darkness, but rather enlightened design and avant-guard illumination. Both our cocktail and dinner menus are designed for you, not your parents! At STeaK, we play on the classic elements of preparation and adapt them to the needs of today’s savvy clientele. Modern plating of classically prepared cuts tailor-fit to today’s woman or man.

Just the right music,

Disciplined yet engaging service,

a key location on a vibrant street adjacent to endless parking options,

exceptional product at reasonable pricing,

Contact us today for effortless reservations and the promise of an epic dining experience.

DJs (Colin White & Steve Wilson)  after dinner (from 9pm) Fridays & Saturdays

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