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Stoddards Fine Food & Ale Boston

Don’t expect an average drink here. Instead, expect bartenders to shave, chip and pound ice to craft an expert cocktail for a happy customers. In addition, the beer menu features a selection of American and imported ales and lagers, with always a range of options on tap. Enjoy a drink at the massive bar that was imported from England, giving a British flair to this establishment.

The decor is characterized by old wooden clapboards that make up the walls, paired with leather and studs that line the booths. The bar has endless character from the 1800’s from the original railings. mezzanines, brick walls, frosted windows, gold writing on the walls and chandeliers. For additional history, the original building was one of the first in Boston to use granite from a nearby quarry for the building’s decoration, which helped it survive a fire that wiped out many neighboring buildings.

The bar’s history is full of character that makes it a truly unique establishment in Boston. You can find a variety of beers and drinks, complemented by great food and live music, events and sports games on TV. This party spot is nothing close to average, but nothing short of awesome. Check out the schedule of events and music and head to one of the oldest and most legendary spots in Boston.

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