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Stone Lotus Chicago

A luxurious, high-end “Liquor Spa,” Stone Lotus takes VIP service to the next level by marrying the four-star dining experience with a lounge atmosphere. Partners Luke Stoioff, David Rekhson and Brandon Zisman collaborated with Chef Dale Levitski to create an environment that will set the standard for the club scene in Chicago and around the country.

Stone Lotus is providing a new standard in liquor tasting. The compact menu of “bottle treatments” and small plates are tailor-made for each featured spirit. Bottle Treatments are a selection of items that come complimentary when bottle service is enjoyed. Each bottle has specific accouterments, including house made mixers, specialty garnishes and assiette.

Steve Lewis and Chris Sheffield of SL Design Studio in New York City were tasked by the owners to outfit Stone Lotus. They used a combination of warm woods and metals, sustainable materials, soft textures and rich, natural colors. Evoking the exotic pleasures and serene tranquility of Asia, the experience echoes the liquor spa concept by fusing the energy of an exclusive lounge with the luxurious surroundings of an upscale spa.

With an exterior belying the posh interior, guests are pampered from the moment they step up to Stone Lotus. With a highly trained and poised service staff, including an on site concierge, all needs are tended to and exceeded. On the main floor, a 60′ water wall made entirely of granite and featuring hand carved stone lotus flowers dominates the north side of the room. The focal point of this exotic fantasy is the 22′ diameter walnut lotus flower suspended overhead. From the center of the lotus flower, an oversized disco ball on a mechanical lift can be raised and lowered to create an enchanting effect of moving light above the custom wood ceiling, or lowered to active the space and heighten the nightclub experience.

The lower level is a tranquil, intimate environment featuring a subtle barrel-vaulted ceiling. The solid cherry bar and DJ booth sit in front of a continuous, 35′ wall of glass that encases hundreds of cherry blossom stems suspended in place. Opposite the bars, loose stones are stacked and supported by a metal mesh grid, and are dramatically up lit to highlight the dimension and texture of this unique wall finish.

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