SUEDE mixes plush fabrics and subdued lighting with superb cocktails. But we also offer something special - the unexpected delight of discovering nightlife spaces to suit your mood. After all, getting away from it all means being jolted from the ordinary. And SUEDE is far from ordinary.

SUEDE consists of two levels: The upper floor contains the Suede Lounge and the Loft Lounge, each appointed with plush suede seating and deep rich colored themes. Each lounge is appointed with a DJ booth to create entirely different atmospheres. The larger of the two lounges also has a dance floor.

The lower floor consists of the Bas Bar boasting a stunning clef-shaped bar that stretches 20 feet across the room. Lit from below, it glows as crowds entering from the street pause to greet friends in the lobby.Just beyond are the throbbing sounds of masses in full groove of the Main Hall, where DJs or live bands work the state-of-the-art sound system designed and installed by the premier sound firm, JK Sound, most notable for their systems at the likes of Ruby Skye, Ten15 and Slide. Meanwhile, the soaring 30-foot-high ceilings showcase the world class lighting effect and visual system desgned and installed by Creative Laser Media.


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