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Sugarcane Boutique Nightclub Las Vegas


Sugarcane Boutique Nightclub

Don’t Miss the Grand Opening in Las Vegas

Leave it to SUSHISAMBA to transport the raw energy of Brazil’s urban street culture to the heart of Las Vegas.

Sexy boutique nightclub SUGARCANE transcends nightlife into art form. Adjacent to SUSHISAMBA, its sister locale, SUGARCANE is drama and decadence spiked with interactive entertainment and an anything goes attitude.

Renowned graffiti artist Felipe Yung sets the tone with a backdrop of bold characters and Japanese calligraphy that wraps the walls of SUGARCANE’s polished industrial space. Moody, theatrical lighting projects from 4,000 “sugarcanes” that drop down elegantly from the ceiling terrain of SUGARCANE’s stunning indoor sky. Sumptuous seating welcomes you in gold and chocolate leather and wenge wood banquettes. And surprises await.

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