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SUITE 181 San Francisco

Suite one8one lights up the night in san francisco as a shelter for individuals seeking intelligent nightlife. the pleasurable beats can be heard and the infectious rhythm can be felt the moment you walk into suite one8one’s luxurious, state-of-the-art space in downtown san francisco, california. suite one8one provides a music agenda specializing in sophisticated hip-hop, soulful house music as well as Detroit funk, and various genres of popular music including rock. suite one8one appeals to individuals seeking the finest nightlife without the hassles of large clubs and the monotony of bars. once you are in suite one8one, there will be no more ropes or rules. security’s goal is to compliment your evening, not to hinder it. we encourage you to dress well, drink and dance the night away with other fabulous people. suite one8one has created the perfect atmosphere for people in the know by going back to basics: the best dj’s playing the best music, gorgeous decor, smooth lighting, a sound system to reach your heart, plenty of comfortable vip space, mouth-watering drink concoctions, impeccable service, a large outdoor patio with a special area for smokers and much more! suite one8one’s space is built to be comfortable with a large, open dance-floor in the center of the room. the large vip area just above the floor consists of custom bedding and furniture adorned in brilliant colors. suite one8one’s inventive lighting effects enhance the design of the club and radiate like a pacific sunset. offering greater intimacy, the goal at suite one8one is the careful selection of all the right ingredients that combine to create a brilliant night out on the town. suite one8one is the ultimate san francisco nightspot to be glamorous, meet people, dance, drink and be alive.

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The Peep Party (11/25/2009) @ SUITE 181
SUITE 181, San Francisco
The Beatnuts (10/24/2009) @ SUITE 181
SUITE 181, San Francisco