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Sullivan Room New York

Sullivan Room

Persian carpets, velvet couches and an excellent sound system warm up the main room, where almost every table is marked “reserved”–though anyone is welcome to take a seat if the club hasn’t completely filled up.

An energetic bar staff makes it easy to get a stiff drink.

House music dominates every night, pulling all the girls in clicky high heels to the dance floor with their hands in the air. In the closed-door and velvet-roped VIP rooms, odd mismatched couches lead to a bathroom reminiscent of the Bates Motel. This is the place to dance, let loos and mix and migle wih sexy singles and party with friends! No need to dress to impress (you can if you want) as this unpretentious party bar is exactly that…a big freakin’ party! Come celebrate and enjoy!

“In the face of ever changing popular trends, Sullivan Room remains after four years one of New York’s last venues devoted to the underground music scene. Serving as both the launch pad for young local DJ careers and the landing pad for internationally renowned talent, Sullivan Room provides a home to both musicians and electronic dance music aficionados alike. Sullivan Room has experienced success because of its dedication to music.”

Come down & get u’r groove on!

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Basic NYC presents DJ DAN (7/19/2008) @ Sullivan Room
Sullivan Room, New York
Basic NYC Presents MIGUEL MIGS (4/19/2008) @ Sullivan Room
Sullivan Room, New York