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Summer Dayz Vancouver


Come celebrate an afternoon of sun and fun 50’s style! Peter Allgood, Tony Montana & Ross Anderson, and Eric Carver will be on board playing house house house baby with a sweet 50’s infusion!

2 levels
dj’s Peter Allgood, Tony Montana & Ross Anderson and Eric Carver
live band
1950’s theme
good times

Some 1950’s dress and styles are:

Poodle skirts

Rolled up t-shirt sleeve (black or white t-shirt)

Pedal pushers (gold is good)

Black leather jacket

The scarf

1950’s gym wear

1950’s swimwear

Bowling shirts

Pedal pushers

Converse etc…

Movies like "Grease", "The Outsiders" and "West Side Story" are all great 50’s references!

Kick back to the golden age! We’re gonna rock this town!!!

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