Summum Nightclub

Summum is by far the best nightclub in Quebec.

Music : They have the best DJs in the provice. Keith Dean (Named #2 DJ in the Montreal Mirror), Mike Sickini (Dagobert), Rokks & Pironti (Best DJ Duo @ Montreal DJ Awards). This club is par none when it comes to DJs. There are two rooms with two different DJs every night. Artists are performing live with the DJ every day.

Location : Downtown Sherbrooke, easy access and lots of parking. Almost on the corner of wellington street and king.

Ambiance : Incredible lightning equipement. It’s par none in the country :
– Full wall of LEDs
– HUGE Disco Ball (bigger then Opera’s)
– Best laser system in the country
– Fake snow
– Confettis
– CO2 jets
– LED and direct lighting, scene equipement. Even the bar are changing color during the night. This is just insane.

Drinks : Full 1,5 oz drinks beeing served. Nothing fancy but it does the job. The bottle service offers anything from standard vodka too XO and Cristal.

Value : 150 $ for 40oz of vodka, comes with limousine service. Drinks are 6,50 and cover 6$. Well worth it.