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Sunset Lounge San Diego


Ooops, did you make a wrong turn somewhere? Oh well, why not just stop in and grab a drink. Seems to be a lot of people in this….is this a house!?! Renovated decades ago when Old Escondido was no more than two main streets and one cross street from someone’s home. This little bar has charm and screams Ole Skool. Once, there you can’t deny the homely dive bar feeling with friendly people and plentiful drinks. Every time I bring someone new to this place, they can’t get over how strong YET great the drinks are. The natural response from the bartenders…”when you’ve been pouring drinks as long as I have, light and tasty or strong and nasty become things of the past, honey!” You have to taste to believe yourself! I’m the karaoke host with over 20000+ songs in my binder, so not finding something to sing shouldn’t be an issue here, and yes we take anywhere from the horribly bad (Smoke Break!!!) to the “why aren’t you on Idol” because of our great sound I’ll make anyone sound bareable…lol! So come out and see/sing for yourself, we’ll have a good time; I gaurantee it!

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