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Sunset Room Victoria

The Sunset Room is an intimate waterfront arts & music venue located at the foot of chinatown overlooking the waterway in downtown Victoria. Launched in May of 2007, Sunset Room is a multi-purpose entertainment venue. Available for fashion events, book fairs, meetings & workshops, dance nights, rehearsal space, film screenings, live rock shows, fitness space and anything else you might come up with! Sunset Room is also homebase for Sunset Collaborations, a new Victoria event production group & promoter collective bringing you a unique Victoria t experiential music & dance party. Unique and cool music is just a piece of the party; come and celebrate the electro culture by dancing all night and going all out! Dress to make a statement and dance to the live music that is Sunset.

Sunset Room is perhaps best known as a dance destination for the electronica music community. Since 2008, Sunset Room has operated as an all-hours (usually 10pm-5am) non-alcoholic electronica dance space on Fridays & Saturdays, fully open to the public and featuring a wide array of DJ-driven genres & themes. Given that most of our weekday events are private groups or projects, most of the public listings you’ll see below are of the dance variety.

Operating out of Victoria BC, this fusion of event producers, entrepreneurs & artists are at their best when not being noticed behind the scenes of some of BC’s most experiential and well-organized events, festivals and community projects.