Australia: 323.604.6030

Suzy Q’s Sydney


Suzie Q’s offers a laid back bar and nightclub experience, away from the affectation of many other Sydney establishments.

The club is aimed at young professionals who prefer something different from a night out on the town. Offering a rare mix of ancient and modern décor, where comfy sofas and sleek fittings meet embossed wall panelling and disco balls.

“We are really lucky because we’re one of the few venues able to offer a smart bar and loungy areas for drinking in, with a large and legitimate dance area and dj setup. It is clubbing for adults”

Suzie Q’s four bars offer an extensive drinks selection served by some of Sydney’s top bar specialists. The dance floor pumps out tunes from all genres and styles, provided by the best known local and international Dj talent.

Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, Suzie Q’s is an exceptional venue for a night out with friends or a special event. Reservations for any sized occasion can be made by contacting us on (02) 9331 7729