United States: 619-330-9430

Sway San Diego

Sway is a chic subterranean nightclub which provides an underground New York ambience like no other in San Diego. It combines modern Italian design with historical details, personal service, premium drinks, vibrant music in addition to a strategic location and upscale atmosphere.

Red is the predominant color, which creates a rich passionate atmosphere. The walls are punctuated by peeks to the original brick and stone, showcasing the heritage of the building. Made entirely from earth-friendly aluminum and steel, the main bar is tended by immaculately-dressed bartenders and creates a high-tech, urban-cool feel. The premium beverage selection offered at Sway is an experience all on its own, serving the one of most unique cocktails crafted by an in house mixologist.

Sway houses the original vault of San Diego Trust & Savings Bank and re-uses it in a very creative and charming way. “The Vault”, as it is called, became a glass/stainless steel wine vault with private liquor lockers for customers and it is the focal point of Sway. Additionally, Sway houses “The bubble lounge”, a more intimate space where patrons can relax in the company of a glass of champagne.


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