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Sylvan Beach Pavilion Houston

In 2005 the pavilion hosted a summer concert by the Houston Symphony. The pavilion continued to host dances, concerts, weddings, quinceañeras, school proms and banquets until it closed following Hurricane Ike in September 2008.

The Sylvan Beach Pavilion retains its integrity to a substantial degree despite alterations occasioned by Hurricanes Carla and Alicia and modifications made to bring the building into compliance with changing accessibility and safety requirements. The principal alterations involve the insertion in 1980 of a new entrance passage to the ballroom that bypasses the foyer block, replacement of the original handrails on the terrace deck, and demolition of much of the ground floor level interior space. The 1962 wing added to the south side of the foyer block is compatible in its design, proportions, and materials with the foyer block. The pavilion retains the integrity of its location on the bayshore of the only public park along the west edge of Galveston Bay in Harris County, integrity of its architectural design, integrity of its setting in Sylvan Beach Park, integrity of the construction and finish materials and workmanship that identify it as a mid-century modern building, and integrity of feeling and association with the entertainment and social events that have transpired there and the visitors who attended them, as well as the impact of destructive tropical hurricanes on the Galveston Bay shore.

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